MAITAI Sharing Island Warmth
We are proud to unveil our new CSR brand identity

We Care brings together all the commitments and values we uphold throughout the year:
Our logo features a coral branch and a tropical monstera leaf, which come together to form a heart, to showcase our initiatives to protect nature and the ocean, two elements deeply rooted in Polynesian culture. The symbol emits the warmth of the Polynesian people, beating for their fenua. The heart is also a symbol that we care about the well-being of our staff and the local community.
A single message: Protection, respect and commitment

We encourage the smart management of our resources within our infrastructures and through waste reduction training for our teams.

Our Actions facing climate change
- We have installed pressure reducers on showerheads to optimize water consumption.
- We power the Biorock structure with solar energy to accelerate coral growth and contribute to the restoration of the marine ecosystem.
- We use 100% LED bulbs to reduce our energy consumption.

Our Actions regarding waste management
- We use cardboard straws and doggy bags in our bars and restaurants to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment.
- We are progressively installing soap dispensers instead of single-use items.
- We have implemented a waste management plan to promote sorting within the property and, therefore, recycling. This management includes the placement of recycling bins throughout the hotel, staff training on waste sorting, and the recycling of ink cartridges, batteries, and light bulbs.
- We regularly organize lagoon and island cleanups in partnership with other hotels to preserve the beauty of our beaches and protect marine life.
- We donate televisions to the Ia Vai Ma Noa association, so they can be refurbished and redistributed.
- We raise awareness among our teams about digital pollution through communications on best practices.
- We have received the Gold Turtle Award in 2022 and the Silver Turtle Award in 2023 for our efforts in waste reduction.

We take action to promote the biodiversity of our fenua and to enhance our cultural heritage by sharing our Polynesian traditions.

Our Actions regarding the preservation of the biodiversity
- We minimize noise and light emissions related to the property’s operations that could affect wildlife and flora.
- We do not use any pesticides within the hotel.
- We have 5 beehives to promote pollination and thus the biodiversity of the Polynesian flora within the hotel, and also to produce honey consumed by our guests.
In 2022, 42 kg of honey were harvested and offered to our guests at breakfast and in à la carte dishes, thus promoting the production and consumption of local and sustainable products.
- In the hotel's lagoon, we use the Biorock technology, which allows for coral reimplantation and consequently promotes the reproduction of phytoplankton. The structure operates using low-voltage electrical current (completely safe for swimmers and all marine life) generated by the solar panels on-site dedicated to this activity.
- Since 2023, we have been offering a coral cutting activity to the guests in partnership with Sea Narea.
- We have been awarded the Pavillon Bleu label. This label certifies the quality of bathing water following a bacteriological analysis of the water. Pavillon Bleu also conducts studies on the quality of the marine environment with researchers from Criobe who work in the hotel's lagoon to study the marine population.


Our Actions to celebrate Polynesian cultural heritage
- We offer a Polynesian buffet every week showcasing local products and dishes.
- We organize Polynesian wedding ceremonies for those wishing to unite according to local tradition.
- We highlight Polynesian culture through the uniforms worn by all employees.
We are committed to the well-being of our staff, and contribute to the local community: schools, NGOs and associations.

Our Actions to support our employees
- We involve our employees in the hotel's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. A Green Team, consisting of all engaged employees, actively participates in CSR events organized within the hotel throughout the year.
Our Actions with communities:
- We collaborate with several local associations, such as:
- Ia Vai Ma Noa on projects promoting economic, social, cultural, and ecological development of the island.
- Caddy Du Cœur through donations to assist local populations in need.
- Bora Bora Animara on awareness campaigns for the protection and management of the animal population.
- We regularly engage with students to raise awareness about sustainable development and promote responsible practices.

The EarthCheck Certification
EarthCheck is an environmental benchmarking and certification program designed for all stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry who want to engage in sustainable development initiatives.
The Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora hotel has been a member of this certification for many years. It has achieved the highest EarthCheck accreditation level, Platinum. Very few establishments worldwide have reached this level.
To display this label, the company must undergo an initial consulting phase to define and evaluate its environmental policy and must implement a number of actions in different areas that align with our WE CARE strategy:
- Implementation of a sustainable development policy
- Management of water, paper, and energy consumption
- Waste management
- Reduction or elimination of pesticides and cleaning and hygiene chemicals products
- Commitment to local communities
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